How To Remove The Youtube Channel Suspended Easily

Youtube channel which does not comply with google's policy then the channel will be suspended resulting in account inaccessible returned for the specified period of time or can also be permanent, the cause is very various, you should understand about the Community guidelines as follows communityguidelines

How to remove the youtube channel suspended easily

There are some steps that can be taken if already has disuspended of them i.e. appeal youtube channel suspended, how by submitting a form that is available in the following link appeal_form

If you have multiple youtube channel and one of them suspended, should be removed so that the unsightly look the following ways to remove it

1. Sign in to the google account you have, clean it first from chache
2. then enter view as the following brandaccounts
3. Select the brand that will be deleted
4. Delete the account you want to delete
5. you are asked to enter kea kun google again by entering the password
6. Mark all approval
7. then select delete account
5. Once done go to the youtube account again, the account will be automatically lost

So how to clear channel that tersuspend may be useful for you, if there is difficulty to remove please ask in the comments field, we will help as much as possible

A suggestion for those of you who play youtube, please read the Community guidelines and regulations all adsense youtube, do not violate the guidelines of existing account if you want to last a long time and has a good reputation

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