List of Countries With The Largest Bonus in The Olympic Games Rio 2016

The world is a feast of sport with the Olympic Games rio 2016 is located in brazil, the rio Olympic Games was first performed in 1896 in Athens Greece, rio Olympics held every 4 years. Each country sends its best athletes to bring home the achievements in each sport, with a previous preparation of the athletes should be sure they are able to make an effort with my best to be the best, there are discussed the support means a lot to the athletes who win at the rio Olympic bonus applies the given State.

List of Countries With The Largest Bonus in The Olympic Games Rio 2016

Olympic Games rio 2016 is still unfolding, it became gold medal athletes, this is the row of countries who give huge bonuses on athletes who got the gold medal

From 206 countries that follow this is the list of countries with the highest bonus
1. Singapore, Singapore is a country that gives the greatest bonuses to athletes who won the gold medal, the given bonuses of US $ 741 thousand

2. Indonesia, country Indonesia is in second position with a bonus provided US $ 381 thousand

3. United States (USA), gives a bonus on the athletes can bring home medals by athletes. As for the athletes got gold medals will be given a bonus of US $ 25 thousand, a silver medal will be given a bonus of US $ 15 thousand, and bronze US $ 10 thousand

4. Russia, Russia gave bonuses to athletes who Excel in the Olympic Games Rio 2016. Russia gives a bonus of up to US $ 61 thousand athletes are getting a lot of Olympic gold medal.

Not only from the Government, a number of famous athletes also received support from private companies.

Support from the Government and private sector will give spirit and the urge to keep on progressing, and boasts of the country. While this is still America occupies the first position in the gold tally

Rio's Olympics became a place to compete together – the same health, athletes are also very taken care of his diet drink and rest.

Achieve an achievement is not an easy thing for the athletes, they must fight with – really hard work and perseverance to achieve the best position, if they win then all would be proud of his family and Country

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