Understanding The Stock Investment

The stock is a worldwide investment products such as exchange traded NSYE, stock is the company's ownership so the shareholders entitled to dividend, stock was an alternative for investment portofilio
Buy shares of a company means that investors hope will gain from the sale of shares, stock prices vary greatly depending on the capabilities of the company on the stock exchange stock will usually be cheaper when the first release called IPO

Understanding The Stock Investment
Companies that need funding and have terms that meet the can publish shares, if the company issuing the shares, meaning that the company is in need of funding in the long term
The stock has a great investment risks but can be minimised by technical analysis of stocks, such as fundamental analysis and technical analysis, stock also has a high level of profit if shares owned is thriving so that the company's assets continue to increase

The advantages to be gained by the owner of the shares as follows:

1. Capital gains
Is the benefit from the difference in purchase price with sale price, the cause is the activity of trading in the stock market

2. Dividends
the net profit is dividend distribution to shareholders, to get the dividends then the investor should keep the stock up to "cum date" is the dividend rewards for long-term investors

A capital gain is the choice to get a quick profit if completely with dividends, if seeking capital gains then the solution is active on the stock exchanges

If you already have an investment, gold, property and land? Then why should stock investments? Because the stock is a liquid asset, if compared to the land or property. The stock can be sold at any time that means stocks are highly liquid

Don't just invest in one place can be examples such as "don't put your eggs in one basket" why shouldn't be put in one basket? This means that if the basket it falls then the eggs will be destroyed, as well as investment if invested in one place then the risk will get the higher but if investing in many places then the risks can be minimised, how to cope with risk is called with a portfolio

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