How To Remove The Youtube Channel Suspended Easily

Youtube channel which does not comply with google's policy then the channel will be suspended resulting in account inaccessible returned for the specified period of time or can also be permanent, the cause is very various, you should understand about the Community guidelines as follows communityguidelines

How to remove the youtube channel suspended easily

There are some steps that can be taken if already has disuspended of them i.e. appeal youtube channel suspended, how by submitting a form that is available in the following link appeal_form

If you have multiple youtube channel and one of them suspended, should be removed so that the unsightly look the following ways to remove it

1. Sign in to the google account you have, clean it first from chache
2. then enter view as the following brandaccounts
3. Select the brand that will be deleted
4. Delete the account you want to delete
5. you are asked to enter kea kun google again by entering the password
6. Mark all approval
7. then select delete account
5. Once done go to the youtube account again, the account will be automatically lost

So how to clear channel that tersuspend may be useful for you, if there is difficulty to remove please ask in the comments field, we will help as much as possible

A suggestion for those of you who play youtube, please read the Community guidelines and regulations all adsense youtube, do not violate the guidelines of existing account if you want to last a long time and has a good reputation

An Easy Way To Get Rich At A Young Age Have Proven

Getting rich is the dream of every man, rich people have lots of money also are free to purchase the desired, rich people could be traveling and relax whenever and wherever, being rich is a choice yourself, with high commitment and worked hard not impossible to become wealthy

An Easy Way To Get Rich At A Young Age Have Proven

A lot of people got stuck by the issue when deciding to become rich, the mistake was caused by many things such as money management, can not ambition of uncontrolled spending, wasteful and feel satisfied, such people are not going to get rich for him before changing anything.

Debt also greatly influential to yourself, for a debt which is not used for developing businesses will run out for consumption, while the debt used for the effort will last long and growing, with the correct management of notes, there are also people who use debt as a business driver in order to be viable in the works.

Some of these tips will make you easy to be rich
1. Organize your finances with a record of expenditure
Set up is easy money but it is extremely difficult to be consistent, the set will limit spending money that you are using so that you can save to a reserve fund or to set aside, saving many people who failed to regulate money and could not last and back does not set it up, if you are aware that important expenditure records then you will be rich

2. find the source of the money for more than one
Looking for a new source of money that can be performed by anyone by way of being freelance, or selling time Saturday and Sunday, if you got a stipend at the moment are not the Office you got money, you can also become a designer, writer and online affiliate

3. Live more simply
Simple life it is to save money, don't live like a rich man if you are not rich, better save with save and invest rather than partying and extravagant money, rich people will be more savvy frugality

4. Keep saving with consistent
After you fill out the savings you have savings with consistent, with the money you will be saving a lot, if the income the greater the saving should also be consistent, a lot of it was easy for the sake of the future.

So the way that you may be rich people invest money you also for the future, continue to learn to the senior who had successfully become a rich person

List of Countries With The Largest Bonus in The Olympic Games Rio 2016

The world is a feast of sport with the Olympic Games rio 2016 is located in brazil, the rio Olympic Games was first performed in 1896 in Athens Greece, rio Olympics held every 4 years. Each country sends its best athletes to bring home the achievements in each sport, with a previous preparation of the athletes should be sure they are able to make an effort with my best to be the best, there are discussed the support means a lot to the athletes who win at the rio Olympic bonus applies the given State.

List of Countries With The Largest Bonus in The Olympic Games Rio 2016

Olympic Games rio 2016 is still unfolding, it became gold medal athletes, this is the row of countries who give huge bonuses on athletes who got the gold medal

From 206 countries that follow this is the list of countries with the highest bonus
1. Singapore, Singapore is a country that gives the greatest bonuses to athletes who won the gold medal, the given bonuses of US $ 741 thousand

2. Indonesia, country Indonesia is in second position with a bonus provided US $ 381 thousand

3. United States (USA), gives a bonus on the athletes can bring home medals by athletes. As for the athletes got gold medals will be given a bonus of US $ 25 thousand, a silver medal will be given a bonus of US $ 15 thousand, and bronze US $ 10 thousand

4. Russia, Russia gave bonuses to athletes who Excel in the Olympic Games Rio 2016. Russia gives a bonus of up to US $ 61 thousand athletes are getting a lot of Olympic gold medal.

Not only from the Government, a number of famous athletes also received support from private companies.

Support from the Government and private sector will give spirit and the urge to keep on progressing, and boasts of the country. While this is still America occupies the first position in the gold tally

Rio's Olympics became a place to compete together – the same health, athletes are also very taken care of his diet drink and rest.

Achieve an achievement is not an easy thing for the athletes, they must fight with – really hard work and perseverance to achieve the best position, if they win then all would be proud of his family and Country

Sell Gold at a Time of High Gold Prices

Sell gold at a time of high gold prices - Gold is a precious metal that they're expensive and tends to rise because many people invest in gold, at a time when the price of gold goes up then a lot of people who sell it and at the moment it dropped so many people buy it, it is in accordance with the laws of the economy, namely the law of demand "is getting a lot of requests so the price will be higher and the lower demand for it will be the lower priceanyway."

Sell Gold at a Time of High Gold Prices

Gold is good to have high levels of gold and contains 99% pure gold, is there a wayto find out how to see the levels of gold with so it can be determined how the gold price if sold, if you want to buy gold, which contains pure gold then buy gold certificates due to avoidance of frauds committed people who are not responsible.

The price of gold today will continue to be monitored because it contains the mostsought after investment, had previously explained that the gold hold by inflationaryinfluences a lot of people who put their money in gold investments gold hold by reason of inflation

Gold is a rare item that everything connected with the objects of gold certainly expensive price, for example a car with a body of gold, gold shoes, gold watches, gold smartphones, a golden bicycle, and many objects associated with gold, gold became asymbol of wealth

Like the one in the fairy tale, gold has always been synonymous with treasure that means Gold has appreciated goods ranging from antiquity, the chances of gold in ancient times used to be the most valuable objects before the existence of money.

Why sell gold when the price is high? Sell gold at a time of high prices will give advantage to you because there is a difference between the acquisition price with sale price, this activity can continue to do and was named gold trading activities

If investing in gold is done well, then you'll get benefits, study smarter investing at this time, may be useful for you

Investment Opportunities In The Growing Online Business

The development of the world's online business continues to grow, along with the growth of online business opportunities to invest and produce great benefits, we know that the investment objective, namely benefit greatly compared with the capital issued, then choosing the right investment is the way for the success of the investment.

Investment Opportunities In The Growing Online Business

The investment is usually done is gold, land, property, jewelry, and stocks, all the investment component of the very famous in the world of investments, but in its development of online business is also very interesting to follow.

Like Alibaba, founded by Jack Ma who are now successful, jack ma's success is proof that an online business is very promising in the future, the more modern era then the level of technology needs will be higher as well, internet users also will continue to increase.

The advantages of online business is

1. Break through the boundaries of the State
2. Flexible working
3. The Trend of increasing business
4. Anyone can run
5. outstanding Success

How do you do? What steps should be made

1. make a website for a company you
2. Begin filling up with something you like
3. Promote your website with social media and etc.
4. If famous then many investors who wish to cooperate with you

If you are able to make an application or software to be sold would be better, consumers not only in one country but all countries, if you application is very useful for sure lots of people will buy it.

Investing in online business can be done alone or together, the core of all are the focus business building, create online activities are beneficial for people with such success will follow.

Online investment types such as what can be done?

1. Buy and sell Online
2. Online auctions
3. Online Website
4. Make up games
5. Create an affiliate Website
6. Online Resellers

Still lots of online investment could be done, So that I can write to inspire in investing, may gave benefits for you.

Buy Gold For Investment High profit

Gold is valuable precious metal wherever you are easy gold for sale, gold became highly sought after by people because the selling points that always rises, Unlike stocks that have huge risk thus gold is the safest investment

Buy Gold For Investment High profit

Gold if compared with the property of gold is still a choice because gold is liquid objects unlike property which took a long time to sell it

Gold can also be used to be a very expensive jewelry, if processed properly then thevalue of gold will also be very high, gold is gold that has tested the levels of gold in it, if the levels of 100% then the gold is real gold

Among the benefits of buying gold

1. The value of the offers that never came down The price of gold has always been expensive because gold is a rare, hard to come by, the more difficult and more expensive then get the gold price gold, if the more rare then gold menacari rates will continue to be high

2. a liquid Asset
Whenever you need cash for gold can be melted, it is easy to sell because it's a liquid assets into gold

3. easy to store
Gold is easily stored because it can be made into jewelry, a beloved objects etc, as well as gold is a powerful object does not rot and are not easily damaged

4. long-term investment tool
Because gold rare then gold is the investment objects for the long term, the gold old semaki then the higher price

5. low risk
Low risk when all affected inflation gold is not affected, because gold will hold inflation is going

6. A wide range of sizes of gold
Gold is available a wide range of sizes, ranging from 4 5 gr gr gr gr, 10, 25, 50 100 gr, gr, gold can also changed shape according to your whims

To get the gold is good then it should be with people who are experts and can be trusted, buying gold at a reliable, make sure the gold certificate, hopefully this articleuseful, see you in the next article

The Benefits of Saving For The Future

Hello this is my first article in English, so I apologize if there is writing that is incorrect. The theme of this article is the benefits of saving, already have savings or not? If not, I think you should immediately have it, the reasons I will explain below. But before I will explain about savings

The Benefits of Saving For The Future

Saving is the activity of saving money to study simple living, frugality and saving should be done early on, children who like to save will realize that saving is important, children also get lessons if you want to buy something expensive they should save more money

The following benefits

1. Learn to Save
With save the children will be taught to save money, with money-saving child will understand how precious money, and the difficulty of making money, because many people are still in need of money

2. Reserve Money
Do not know when we will need money, when in need of a lot of money, savings will be very useful to meet those needs

3. Vacation
To relieve stress is definitely in need of a holiday, a lot of places – a very interesting place in the world to visit, for example Japan, Indonesia (Bali), Thailand, Hawaii and etc, such holidays will require a fair amount of money, so if you want to vacation abroad, the solution is to saving

4. The Fund's Retirement
Each person will experience retirement, to prepare for retirement saving, with the body of an old one will not be as young, old time you have to enjoy a beautiful life together lovers.

5. Investment
Savings is the solution for investment, with saving then benefit future come

6. the simple life
Learn a simple life by always putting aside money for savings, with a simple life, money will always be available.

7. Not Wasteful
Saving is a great activity because it teaches not extravagant, wasteful would be detrimental, the money used will have been wasted – and better save

Thus the benefits of saving for the future, I hope this article was helpful

Understanding The Stock Investment

The stock is a worldwide investment products such as exchange traded NSYE, stock is the company's ownership so the shareholders entitled to dividend, stock was an alternative for investment portofilio
Buy shares of a company means that investors hope will gain from the sale of shares, stock prices vary greatly depending on the capabilities of the company on the stock exchange stock will usually be cheaper when the first release called IPO

Understanding The Stock Investment
Companies that need funding and have terms that meet the can publish shares, if the company issuing the shares, meaning that the company is in need of funding in the long term
The stock has a great investment risks but can be minimised by technical analysis of stocks, such as fundamental analysis and technical analysis, stock also has a high level of profit if shares owned is thriving so that the company's assets continue to increase

The advantages to be gained by the owner of the shares as follows:

1. Capital gains
Is the benefit from the difference in purchase price with sale price, the cause is the activity of trading in the stock market

2. Dividends
the net profit is dividend distribution to shareholders, to get the dividends then the investor should keep the stock up to "cum date" is the dividend rewards for long-term investors

A capital gain is the choice to get a quick profit if completely with dividends, if seeking capital gains then the solution is active on the stock exchanges

If you already have an investment, gold, property and land? Then why should stock investments? Because the stock is a liquid asset, if compared to the land or property. The stock can be sold at any time that means stocks are highly liquid

Don't just invest in one place can be examples such as "don't put your eggs in one basket" why shouldn't be put in one basket? This means that if the basket it falls then the eggs will be destroyed, as well as investment if invested in one place then the risk will get the higher but if investing in many places then the risks can be minimised, how to cope with risk is called with a portfolio

5 Must Have Applications When Job Seekers

Hi friend to find a current job is not easy a lot of terms and qualifications that must be met prospective employees, If terms and qualifications meet the next step is to send an application, When will send the application is usually a company decide how the shipment for example are sent online or delivered physically.

5 Must Have Applications When Job Seekers

The current will discuss the strategy of how to prepare so that when shipping application running smoothly especially application via online, application delivery via online application will require the following

1. email
Probably already know all of what is email, email is a letter by electronic group that serves to transmit the document to the intended address, his tips are when you use emails create user name as easy as possible and relevant to your name, avoid using user names that have nothing to do with you, e.g. [email protected]/[email protected] will look funny when HRD see email as such, assessment of HRD may think that you are the person less serious , still appears to children and others, we recommend that you use your name for example [email protected]/[email protected] with a name like that HRD should see an email professional

2. Ms Office.
Applications that must be installed on your computer is Ms. Office because of writing a cover letter is with office word, office word also became one of the qualifications in applying for a job, any study of operational system Ms Office., therefore master office application, Ms. Office various types currently try to always update the latest

3. Photoshop
A requirement that never left are photos, photos that prompted the company, various depending on the needs of the company is usually all it takes is a size 4 x 6, 4 x 3 and full body, if you have the raw files you can offer it with photoshop such as resize or minimize file size, all can be done on the application Photoshop

4. Nitro PDF
Nitro PDF application to function when the application is required to be sent using the format PDF, Nitro can make changes from word format to pdf, pdf to word, pdf to exel and vice versa, therefore these applications are required on your laptop

5. Winrar
If sending files one by one will be very tiring and less effective, winrar required on your computer for compressing and make a folder easily sent via email, the order of the file will be a single and easy to find.

The above applications you must have any later form of your application, it will be easy to send because the application used is already complete, so the applications that must be owned while finding work may be useful and quickly found work as desired.

Tips Update Jobs For Job Seekers

Information is the key to opportunity and success in finding a job, you must be active to search for vacancies information, the company will publish the vacancy information through online media, print media and job fair, so as not to miss the look tips update jobs by

To update information jobs follow the steps below

1. use social media
Social media has a nice publication function no wonder many companies use social media to find employees, candidates, frequently used social media is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and etc, to update information have all the social media and join the Group and community information in every social media jobs so information will be update and do not miss information

2. follow official website
Company or agency is currently already have a website, usually when they need new employees they will publish on its website, then as a job seeker must be active to visit the company's website homepage to obtain information.

3. Subscibe on web or blog that actively share vacancies
Lots of websites that contain information jobs, if pleasing subscribe by entering your email in order to delivery of emails about the latest vacancy information entered in your email, if it does not need any time you can easily to unsubscribe.

4. read the newspaper
the newspaper has information jobs published every day, read the newspaper to obtain information from the newspaper, the information is loaded can be either jobs nationwide, regional and local jobs.

5. Multiply Friend
Fortune came from a friend, then multiply, they usually also provide information to us, jobs at the moment know if we are in need of jobs, friends can also be influential when they are in a position where we will be applying for, such as giving recommendations to us.

Of all the tips update job vacancies above, keep a job seeker must be alert so as not to be deceived information jobs who are not responsible, conscientious and careful before deciding to apply for a job, so that we may be able to share to job seekers may be useful and inspiring to keep trying as best as possible.